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How the internet can change lives – MyBoxInABox

January 10, 2007

I think the video below is proof that the Internet, and in this case YouTube in particular, can still launch careers and change lives. This might be the start of a series of posts about those with famous online lives, so stay tuned. But for today let’s take a look at what MSNBC called “a racy internet satire of a racy internet satire.”

The story starts, as others have before, with a skit on Saturday Night Live (SNL) with Justin Timberlake, “My ____ in a box”. Apparently many found this hilarious and it quickly became the talk of the town. Two weeks later, Bunny, a 20yr old from NY released her parody of the skit. Having seen both videos, I found “My box” the best and liked the well-produced but amateur feel. Of course being young, cute and having a penchant for low-cut tops helps but 500,000 YouTube views and counting say something. Not to mention over 2,000,000 plays on radio and TV.

I’m sure it won’t be long before some media hotshot with an ear to the ground wraps this future talent up with a contract. Carson Daly seems to be at the forefront of the TV/internet media crossover, having already signed-up Brookers and recently launched ItsYourShow. Carson used to be the man. He was funny, he was hip, girls thought he was cute, we looked-up to him. Will Carson continue to be ‘the man’ and support indie artists looking for A Life Online, or will he become ‘The Man’ by controlling them. You know, as in ‘The Man’ in School of Rock, the Google of crossover media. Only time will tell, but now:

A video clip is worth many words so with further adieu…

The ‘rude’ Timberlake version can be found here. Find out more about Bunny and follow the story at

Bunny, your life online is just starting out, here’s hoping it’s a good one. My box is just for you readers.