Tag Surfer

a.k.a. “Tag Surfer – you better believe it’s beta”

 So I noticed a while back the new Tag Surfer feature on WordPress which is supposedly “a collection of posts … from people talking about the same stuff that you do.” Except it’s not. I checked it out a few weeks ago and something like 13 out of 15 recommendations were hardcore political blogs despite the inverse proportion of posts being political here at ALO and there was not one mention of anyone else with ‘A life online’ despite devoting most of January’s posts to that subject.

I don’t normally trash services in beta but I left it a few weeks and checked again today: this time round most of the reco’ real estate is taken-up by 4 huge posts from the same blog (monavoir.com) which seems to be about life after divorce, there’s only 5 political blogs so that’s an improvement and there’s a few travel related posts which is in the right direction.

 Now as I mentioned, I know Tag Surfer is beta so the only reason I bring it up is because this could be a really useful feature and is EXACTLY the kind of thing Google could do really well so WP may have to work hard if they don’t want Blogger to steal a charge in this area. Anyway Tag Surfer just isn’t working for me right now and I wanted to bring that to the attention of the world. Let me know if it works for you.


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