Star Wars Kid

I wasn’t going to post about Star Wars Kid as I didn’t find the original video that entertaining. Perhaps some of the remixes are, but apparently he’s the most watched viral of all time so for completeness of this mini-series on those with a famous life online, here’s the story. Way back in 2003, a video of 15yr old Ghyslain Raza swinging a golf ball retriever like it was a weapon started making rounds on the net. Yup, notch another one down to “chubby kid messing around.” An undisclosed out-of-court settlement was reached with the ‘friends’ who uploaded the video.

Who knows what the Star Wars Kid is up to now but it’s been reported (by a marketing agency) that the footage has been viewed 900 million times and there are over 100 modified versions. As an update to the last post, the same company estimates Numa Numa has been watched 700 million times. Watch some of the clips after the jump.


The original

A Matrix version


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