Impossible Is Nothing – Vayner Strikes Again

This follows on nicely from our last couple of posts on “How the Internet changed my life.” Today I stumbled across an Adidas marketing campaign Impossible is Nothing. Whether this has anything to do with Yale student Aleksey Vayner is unknown, but it made me remember the saga played out after Aleksey included a video of his ‘inspirational’ self with the CVs he sent out while applying for jobs on Wall St.

I followed the story on IvyGate, go there and start at the beginning to catch-up if this is the first you have heard of the story. Basically the video shows Aleksey weightlifting, dancing, breaking bricks, playing tennis and purportedly skiing – although Aleksey now acknowledges that may not be him. In addition Vayner created a fake charity, named himself CEO of a non-existent investment firm and plagiarized a book on the Holocaust. Other reports have included claims he “KILLED 24 people in the caves of Tibet” and is “qualified to handle nuclear waste.” There’s much more to the story and it looks like Aleksey got busted in 2002 too, all of which means this gets catalogued as infamy via Internet rather than going in the fame pile.

The best way to get a handle on this is to watch the video:
WordPress won’t let me embed Veoh video.


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