Who the Hell is Matt

Following yesterday’s BoxInABox video, today ALO presents you with another viral hero: Dancing Matt from Where the Hell is Matt.

Matt was a  30-year-old self-confessed deadbeat from Connecticut – then he quit his job and decided to travel the planet until his cash ran out. A buddy gave Matt the idea of dancing everywhere he went and recording it on his camera. You can see the result below, over 4 million others already have. There’s a pretty good FAQ on his website should you want to know more.

Now I’ve done a fair bit of travelling in my time, but Matt gets around a lot. In a good way. He takes simple pictures in amazing places and in my opinion the resulting video clips offer a lot more than the ‘picture of myself every day for x years” videos that float around the net. He’s got sponsorship and stuff now but that just seems to provide the opportunity to do more travelling and dancing and custom audio.

I’ve been meaning to do a post on the joys of the Internet for a while, and one day I will because there’s a lot of good things you can do with it. Matt says “There’s almost nowhere in the world that doesn’t have internet access. Free wi-fi abounds in cities all over the globe. Borneo is rife with net cafes. I could send email from the ship’s satellite in Antarctica.”

“The world has changed very quickly.” I tend to agree with him.

Matt also told me that VH1 are doing a ‘Top40 Greatest Internet Superstars‘ so I guess this part-time series of posts is semi-redundant, but it’s not out yet so we’ll press on!


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