Nature vs Man


If you can guess what the pictures above are of, can you tell what separates them?

The answer along with discussion will be posted here tomorrow after the jump. 

The picture on the right is snow from a snow cannon; on the left, snow from the sky. Whatever your spiritual orientation, who can fail to notice the intricacies of natural design. As far as man has walked down the path we call ‘progress’, space flight, mapping the human genome,  computers and the Internet, our man-made creations still compare to those that exist in the Universe without our help like a bad caricature to a Velazquez.

Here are a few more Nature vs Man examples.

Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis vs lightshow

Honeycomb vs hexdome

Before vs After
Natural vs man-made

It seems examples of human attempts to imitate nature, and yet falling short, are numerous. Man makes synthetic nets of limited strength; spider’s webs are formed from 100% natural silk which has a tensile strength surpassing structural steel – in tests the web of the Nephila spider was capable of repelling a moving bullet.

Much has been claimed in the popular press about our ability to clone animals and possibly even humans. The reality is not only are these clones imperfect, more than 90% of cloning attempts fail to produce viable offspring. In addition to low success rates, cloned animals tend to have more compromised immune function and higher rates of infection, tumor growth, and other disorders.

Throughout history limitations of mans’ understanding have given rise to beliefs that we now know not to be true. That the Earth was flat, that other planets revolved around the Earth. And yet we are limited only by our imagination. At the current limit of Physics debates are becoming not just theoretical but increasingly philosophical. There is clearly more to life than we know and as such, life shouldn’t be wasted, online or elsewhere.

Guide to snowflakes
Cloning fact sheet


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